mds recyclesMercury Disposal Systems Inc. is a women owned California corporation.

The president is Margaret Burnett. Our corporate office is located in Tustin, California and we also have branch locations in San Diego, Modesto, Santa Cruz and So. San Francisco.

The company was established in June 2004 with the sole purpose of developing a vehicle in which spent fluorescent lamps and batteries could be stored and transported to a local recycle location, therefore diverting spent items from landfills.
After several months of discovery and research we concluded that small business owners as well as homeowners were unaware that the spent lamps and batteries that they were discarding contained toxic elements such as mercury. It then became our goal to develop an awareness program that

would also act as a transportation vehicle and containment system in the event of accidental breakage.

Our studies indicate that approximately three million lamps and many more batteries are disposed
of in landfills every day. Our current objective is directed at diverting 10% of these discarded items from homeowners and small businesses through an effective outreach program along with providing convenient drop-off locations throughout the State of California.

Thank You for your participation in our program.

Margaret Burnett / CEO